About Us
The Farm Edition

Our mission is to create high quality, clean and locally-sourced CBD products our customers can trust.We are able to ensure a superior end product because we are a part of every step in the process from growing safe and healthy plants to compounding ingredients for final products.

We are Organic Farmers located in Chattanooga, TN. We begin by growing the highest quality organic hemp flower in order to produce our pure, full spectrum CBD hemp extract , preserving the maximum wellness benefits possible to be derived from the plant.

Once extracted, our oil is independently and third party lab tested and verified for accurate product proportions. Our tinctures, lotions, salves, and honey are then produced by hand in our commercial kitchen, right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Creating a unique seed to sale operation. FarmToMed rotates 4-5 different smokable flowers for customers to buy on a weekly basis.

Our guarantee is to produce the highest quality products with the shortest and safest ingredient lists, while providing our customers with excellent, safe and effective CBD oils at a reasonable price-point.

Meet The Farmers


Chris is busy on the farm right now. Come back soon to read all about Chris and his life that led to FarmToMed!


Kathy is busy getting ready for Market season. Her Bio will be available very soon.
Please check back for updated content.

Our Local Partners

We try to source as many of our ingredients locally as we can! Here are some of our partners that help make the products you love!

Belle's Chocolates

Bean to Bar Quality
Ingredients are everything! Belle Chocolates crafts fine Bean to Bar chocolate in Chattanooga, Tennessee using the highest quality single origin Cacao and Organic Sugar.

Molly's Sweet Shop

We carry a wide variety of homemade products from jams, jellies, salsa, pickles, cakes, breads, fried pies, holiday special items. Located in McMinnville, TN 37110.

Velo Coffee

Seven days a week, we apply progressive techniques at our production bar to showcase current-crop coffees. We roast, package, brew, bottle, and serve in the same space. It's a constant progression to ensure balance between excellence, creativity, and efficiency.

In The Community

We are active in our community in so many ways, here are just a few of the places you'll find us!